Our Bonuses


The Binary Bonus
You are entitled to this bonus working on your network.


The Referral Bonus
By referencing a person on your network you will earn.


The Trader Bonus
Bonus paid daily to all who joined a package.

The Blockchain


Blockchain's reported potential for reducing bank infrastructure costs.

0$ billion

Amount the global blockchain market is expected to be worth in 2024.

0$ million

Average investment in blockchain projects in 2017.


Percentage of major North American and European banks that are exploring blockchain.

The New Payment Systems

You are Welcome

Mining Coin Plus wants to offer you an approach to the thriving world of cryptocurrencies in a friendly, easy and safe way.
Our products and services can be an excellent starting point for newcomers, but equally interesting for experienced users.
For those who are also looking for a business opportunity, we have prepared a formula that combines security, legality, sustainability and projection of the future in a single project.

A future that will change technologically but for which we are well prepared.
We are giants! We are one!